Monday, April 30, 2012


Since this was my last semester of school, I took a class called Portfolio Presentation, which was being offered for the first time this semester.

In this class, we were assigned a workload that encouraged us to promote ourselves through resume building, job interviewing, digital portfolio creation, traditional portfolio creation, personal branding and various other job-search channels. I found this class to be extremely helpful, especially since I had no idea how to create a portfolio. Of course, I had this blog, which I have been updating since my sophomore year, but I needed a physical copy of my portfolio to represent some of my best work throughout college in the interviewing setting.

This class also taught me how to present myself in the job search. I learned to express my skills in such a way as to promote myself as an ideal potential employee.

While this class is not offered next semester for other students, I strongly hope that it will be offered next spring, because the focus on preparation for the workforce was an important step in my time at Pitt State, allowing me to take what I've learned in my four years here and apply it to the real-world end goal of employment.

Through my Portfolio Presentation class, I was able to find my current job, which is nothing short of perfect for me. I owe a great deal of thanks to the topics we studied, learned, and put into practice in this class.

Below you can find examples of my portfolio matboards, featuring some of my best work.

2011 Infographic Christmas Card
Walt Disney World Gatefold Brochure
Walt Disney World Gatefold Brochure || detail
Walt Disney World Gatefold Brochure || detail
Walt Disney World Gatefold Brochure || detail
Senior Project Inspirational Note Cards (part of a line that includes a 2013 calendar, not mounted)
Wedding Paper Goods
Wedding Playlist CD Case
Photography Show Poster
Cornerstone Memorials Business Materials
Cornerstone Memorials Business Materials || brochures from envelope
PSU Collegio Page One
Church Sign-In Signs
Online Tutorials

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